Brenna Kelly

Brenna Kelly embodies the transformational aspect of story sharing. She is an accomplished comedian having performed across the United States, in Australia and New Zealand. Through two decades in the entertainment business, she shares enlightened communication that stems from simple, honest storytelling. This is the universal attraction that brings us together in a community of deeper understanding and service. There is truth and wisdom to be found in everyone's stories. Featured in the LA Times, Brenna taught stand up comedy at the Improv Comedy Club in Irvine and Ontario. She has taught improvisational comedy at Arrow Continuation High School, Learning Tree Extension Program and Oak Knoll Alternative School K-8th. Brenna has also written and produced several plays. Her most vital collaboration is in the ever evolving production of three unique young women, daughters Stefanie, Chantelle & Monet - a life long lesson in love, patience and gratitude.

Learn more about Brenna and what she does at www.BrennaKelly.com and ConspireToInspire.us.

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